Why we Created a New Church Website

The old version of the church website was hacked on May 20, 2012. This person got into the database and was able to remove other users, and add them self as a user with admin privileges. From that point, they changed content on the home page of the church website. The hacker was able to see user accounts and hashed passwords (not the actual password – a hashed version of it… this means it is possible to get the passwords, but would be very difficult – so change your passwords and don’t use the same ones as before).

Although it is sad that this happened, it is actually a good thing because now the church will have a much better website. This new website is a WordPress site – an open-source website developed by a large internet community. WordPress is a fully theme-able website with a large variety of plugins and options to make it very customizable. Also, since it is open-source and continuously in development, it is much more secure and always kept up to date with the latest security standards.

WordPress makes it easy to create new articles, add language support, upload pictures and videos, and have a beautiful website. Read more about WordPress for a general summary of other features.

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