Christian Books on Holy Spirit/Pneumatology

If you are a devout Christian seeking to grow in your faith, a pastor or a religious scholar looking for some references to input in the Harvard generator for the completion of your thesis, or perhaps you’re just a curious person that wants to know what the Holy Spirit is, then it might be good to read up on some books that explain what the Holy Spirit is all about.

Here is a list of Christian books that provide explanations, discussions and even personal experiences on the subject of the Holy Spirit or Pneumatology:

1. The-Holy-Spirit: Activating-God’s-Power-in-Your-Life , a book by Billy Graham

Written by the evangelist, Billy Graham, this book discusses who the Holy Spirit is and what it does in connection to being a part the Holy Trinity.

The book aims to explain from a Bible-based point of view how the Holy Spirit is a source of power and enlightenment for Christians. The author aims for the book to be an inspiration for people to transform their lives through the Holy Spirit.

2. God’s-Indwelling-Presence: The-Holy-Spirit-in-the-Old-and-New-Testaments – James M. Hamilton Jr.

This book is part of a series called New American Commentary-Studies in Bible-&-Theology. The author aims to provide a comprehensive comparison on how the Holy Spirit acted and manifested itself in believers in the Old Testament versus the followers of Christ in the New Testament.

The book also aims to discuss to its readers how the Holy Spirit is connected to important spiritual concepts such as indwelling and regeneration.

3. Greatest-Power-in-the-World – Kathryn Khulman

This book serves as a compilation of the radio recordings and sermons on the pulpit given by preacher, Kathryn Khulman. It aims to demonstrate how the Holy Spirit can be a source of restorative, healing power to people and their lives.

The author also endeavours to address both Christians and non-Christians to convince them that the Holy Spirit can empower them to live more hopeful and courageous lives.

4. Open-to-the-Spirit: God-in-Us, God-with-Us, God-Transforming-Us -Scot McKnight

The third among Scot McKnight’s series of commentaries on the great mysteries of the Christian faith, this book’s objective is to introduce the Holy Spirit. The book aims to explain what the Holy Spirit is, how he acts and interacts in our daily lives and how believers can work at getting to know the third persona better.

The author also aimed at explaining the Holy Spirit in connection to the second persona of the Holy Trinity, the Word which is Jesus Christ.

5. Your-Power-In-The-Holy-Spirit – John G. Lake

Written by Methodist pastor, faith healer and missionary worker, John Lake, Your-Power-In-The-Holy-Spirit aims at showing believers and non-believers alike how the Holy Spirit can manifest himself in the lives of people.

The book also aims for its readers to believe in the existence of miracles and imbibe the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as to trust God more in their lives. The author’s reputation in performing 100,000 recorded miracles adds quite a testament to the book’s teachings.

6. Good-Morning, Holy-Spirit – Benny Hinn

This book is a personal account of the author’s experience of conversion through the power of the Holy Spirit. The author, Benny Hinn, also tries to share with his readers the numerous insights that God inspired in him throughout his life.

The book aims to be an encouraging guide as well on how people can recognize the urgent voice of the Holy Spirit in daily life. Through the book, you will learn how to grow more in their prayer life and understand God and His big role in every person’s life.

7. The-Mind-of-the-Spirit: Paul’s-Approach-to-Transformed-Thinking – Craig S. Keener

The Holy Spirit is discussed in this book as a guide for individuals to overcome the division that often happens between human reason and the teachings of Christ. Craig Keener who is a New Testament scholar tries to present the Holy Spirit and its workings in human beings from the teachings of Paul, the apostle.

Pauline theology aimed to differentiate the frailty of the human flesh and mind side-by-side the mental disposition that Christ wanted for his followers, a mind filled with the Holy Spirit.

Top 5 Books about the Holy Spirit That Every Christian Should Read

The Holy Spirit in Christianityis a central concept in the Christian religion. Unfortunately, many believers do not know much about the Holy Spirit despite the vast amount of information available both on books and online. The majority know simply what their preachers tell them about the Holy Ghost.

What is the Holy Spirit?

According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit is simply an expression used to describe God’s power, especially when in action. Or God’s active force (Micah 3:8 and Luke1:35). In different parts of the Bible, the Holy Spirit is referred to as a person, breath, wind and even an attitude.
In addition to that, several authors and scholars of the Christian faith have written books explaining the Holy Spirit, how it works and its correlation with God. Such authors include R.C. Sproul, Jerry Bridges, and John Piper among others.

Below is a list of the top 5 books about the Holy Spirit that every Christian must read:

1. The Holiness of God by R. C. Sproul

The quality of holiness is a must in any attempt at characterizing God. However, not many people to can explain precisely what God’s holiness is. This perhaps explains why many preachers would rather avoid the subject totally. In this book, R. C. Sproul vividly explains God’s holiness and its essence in Christian life. His is such an awe-inspiring vision that encourages believers to be just as holy so they can be closer to God.

2. Don’t waste your life

Don't waste you life - book
Many people are so scared of losing that they go through their entire lives without taking any risks. According to John Piper, in this classic book, it is only through taking chances that you can utilize your full potential and thus, avoid wasting your life. He continues to point out that one doesn’t need to know much to make a difference in this world but the few, significant, unchanging things that matter the most.

John Piper acknowledges that making a lasting difference through faith comes with numerous challenges. He also believes that each one of these challenges is worth taking.

3. Respectable Sins: Confronting the sins we tolerate

Respectable Sins: Confronting the sins we tolerate
With many believers getting so fixated on what they refer to as major sins they have become oblivious to the more subtle ones.
In this book, Jerry Bridges tackles the trend focusing on the so-called “acceptable” sins that we often tolerate including anger and pride. He further explores the matter of feelings of grief and shame and finally God’s grace and forgiveness. This book will facilitate your spiritual transformation to a child of God.

4. Christian Beliefs: twenty basics every Christian should know
Christian Beliefs: twenty basics every Christian should know
God doesn’t require every believer to go to the seminary. However, every Christian ought to know the underlying doctrines of Christianity.
Wayne Grudem argues that theology is vital since what we believe often affects how we live. This book provides the basic principles and guiding concepts of Christianity to help any believer to polish and strengthen their faith in Jesus.

5. The gospel according to Jesus: what is authentic faith

The gospel according to Jesus: what is authentic faith
Easy Believism has characterized many aspects of evangelical Christianity. The first edition of the gospel according to Jesus confronted the concept and garnered many acclaims. In this edition, John MacArthur further takes on the idea by encouraging Christians to reassess their commitment to Jesus and his teachings.

The descent of the Holy Spirit

Our Holy Spirits Seven gifts to us: dexterity, gratitude, guidance, guidance, courage, teaching, love and fear of the Lord. We must acknowledge these blessings and see that there is nothing in the Bible as the seven gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirits give us understanding. Made usable to evaluate spiritual things more than material things. We settled, more and more intelligent in making decisions and teachings. He made us smarter in choosing our God, our Father.

This gives us an opportunity to understand why we must strive to God so as not to be confused by his words about a dignified life. It contributes to the understanding of the Holy Spirit, makes people impeccable of stress in different circumstances and has unambiguous reasons.

The Holy Spirit is our guide and guide.

Accuse us of energy; we see it all. This gift gives us more wisdom and makes us prefer things to choose from. This gift gives you the ability to do the right things and keep the strategic distance from the wrong business. Man lives in good and extraordinary decisions, deviating from the degenerative movements and life thanks to the superiority of God.

Definition of. These blessings of the Holy Spirit support us to endure or experience fear and stress, and the need to continue to follow God. The Bassett person has a strong position to make the right decision according to God’s opinion. Power firmly settled in our decision, despite the various brutal influences around us. We ended up solid and focused on what we do.

The Holy Spirit gives us wealth in the data about God.

This gift blows the mind into obtaining guarantees and understanding. It made us recognize words and exercises.

He has the gift of love, which we will gradually remember that God needs us according to His will, and we have a place for the Church. Respect for respect is a lack of sincerity, trust, and love for our God and his people. We can show our love for God by repaying with brightness, recognition, and respect for His name.

For this reason, many people today feel that the Holy Spirit comes to their lives to stay away from darkness, leaving the false shrines, but they do not listen and see the Spirit but respect the tempting spirits and the instructions of evil spirits. After these vibrations, this conviction alone receives them. We can bear everything by believing in Christ and His grace, especially God’s nuclear family. However, when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will lead you to all reality: for He has won.

Examine yourself but most likely will hear what he says, and will show you what is coming. He will praise me, for he takes me and sees you. The Holy Spirit appeared or appeared to John on the island of Patmos, what would it be. Paul received a tremendous revelation from heaven. However, he speaks for himself here in the light of the fact that he does not want to display the splendor of the fabric.

This causes us concern of the Lord. This gift makes us gradually care until we understand that God sees it in our whole business. God understands what we do, and there are various unpleasant things to him. We know His command, so fear the Lord.