The descent of the Holy Spirit

Our Holy Spirits Seven gifts to us: dexterity, gratitude, guidance, guidance, courage, teaching, love and fear of the Lord. We must acknowledge these blessings and see that there is nothing in the Bible as the seven gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirits give us understanding. Made usable to evaluate spiritual things more than material things. We settled, more and more intelligent in making decisions and teachings. He made us smarter in choosing our God, our Father.

This gives us an opportunity to understand why we must strive to God so as not to be confused by his words about a dignified life. It contributes to the understanding of the Holy Spirit, makes people impeccable of stress in different circumstances and has unambiguous reasons.

The Holy Spirit is our guide and guide.

Accuse us of energy; we see it all. This gift gives us more wisdom and makes us prefer things to choose from. This gift gives you the ability to do the right things and keep the strategic distance from the wrong business. Man lives in good and extraordinary decisions, deviating from the degenerative movements and life thanks to the superiority of God.

Definition of. These blessings of the Holy Spirit support us to endure or experience fear and stress, and the need to continue to follow God. The Bassett person has a strong position to make the right decision according to God’s opinion. Power firmly settled in our decision, despite the various brutal influences around us. We ended up solid and focused on what we do.

The Holy Spirit gives us wealth in the data about God.

This gift blows the mind into obtaining guarantees and understanding. It made us recognize words and exercises.

He has the gift of love, which we will gradually remember that God needs us according to His will, and we have a place for the Church. Respect for respect is a lack of sincerity, trust, and love for our God and his people. We can show our love for God by repaying with brightness, recognition, and respect for His name.

For this reason, many people today feel that the Holy Spirit comes to their lives to stay away from darkness, leaving the false shrines, but they do not listen and see the Spirit but respect the tempting spirits and the instructions of evil spirits. After these vibrations, this conviction alone receives them. We can bear everything by believing in Christ and His grace, especially God’s nuclear family. However, when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will lead you to all reality: for He has won.

Examine yourself but most likely will hear what he says, and will show you what is coming. He will praise me, for he takes me and sees you. The Holy Spirit appeared or appeared to John on the island of Patmos, what would it be. Paul received a tremendous revelation from heaven. However, he speaks for himself here in the light of the fact that he does not want to display the splendor of the fabric.

This causes us concern of the Lord. This gift makes us gradually care until we understand that God sees it in our whole business. God understands what we do, and there are various unpleasant things to him. We know His command, so fear the Lord.